Admissions essay consulting

Our Most Popular Services Undergraduate Advising Our expert college advisers help high school students ace the college application process. Use our personalized approach to craft a compelling application that stands out.

Admissions essay consulting

Students will develop their own writing style, receive individualized guidance, and learn valuable writing skills and strategies for the future! We offer courses to strengthen organization and topic development as well as to build vocabulary and grammar skills.

Admissions essay consulting

Students receive personalized feedback from the teachers so that they can learn at their own pace and focus on areas they need to improve.

E ssay Writing Help Strong essay writing skills are fundamental for the success of any student. SAT is just a part of the college admission equation.

Admissions essay consulting

This unique service matches applicants up with writing specialists who guide them through every facet of the essay writing process, from brainstorming to final editing. If you are having trouble starting your essay, if you feel something may be missing, or if you are just generally lost, this is the right service for you.

Our counselors focus on getting to know every aspect of the student in order to guide the student through his or her college applications.

Our college counselors also work with the students to write and edit their college essays.


We start preparing our students early on in high school so that they are strong candidates upcoming.We're Stacy Blackman Consulting. An MBA Admissions consulting firm, delivering admits for clients worldwide since For parents helping students through the college application process, the admissions essay can be a challenge.

A fairly open-ended assignment, it is intended to showcase a student’s individuality and add depth to their application. Admissions Consulting Your admission consultant will support you and your child through the private school or college admission process.

From developing and finalizing a list of schools to which the student will apply, to perfecting their applications, your admission consultant will guide you every step of the way.

MBA Admissions Consulting by Oxford Said MBA grad. Get the personalized support that you need to get into a top business school in the US or the rest of the world.

We bring three unique dimensions to the college application process:

Sample Essay from Admitted HBS Student: The Mechanical Engineer Facebook Tweet Google+ Pin Email This sample essay is from The Harbus MBA Essay Guide Summer Edition and is reprinted with permission from Harbus.

A Note from Our Founder "What do I love about admissions consulting? I've always been fascinated by people's life stories. Ever since I was .

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