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History[ edit ] The founder, Mr.

Hoi tin tong

But don't let that glittery cosmopolitan facade fool you. The territory is home to more than outlying islands, plus beaches and endless miles of raw coastline.

But it's worth seeking out farther-flung crescents for cleaner sand and clearer water, too. Here are some of Hong Kong's more hidden beaches, which you might even have all to yourself when you travel: Backed by forested hillsides and overlooking clear water, this beach isn't easy to reach but it's well worth the journey.

Hiking over the first hill from the nearby High Island Reservoir, travelers are rewarded with sweeping views of the South China Sea and a picture-perfect crescent sweep of sand, all surrounded by mountains.

The remote location in Hong Kong's northeastern corner protects the beach from overuse. From there it's another minutes on foot.

Hoi tin tong

The sunny speck in the sea features curious rocks formations along the coastline, great snorkeling, clean water and soft, sandy beaches. Hong Kong might not be your stereotypical beach town. But it's home to some truly stunning stretches of sand.

Hoi tin tong

Video by Black Buddha Along the way, you can stop in Tai Tong Village for refreshments, though we'd recommend coming prepared with your own supplies. As ferry services are limited, it's wise to check times before the journey.

Clear water, rugged mountains. You'll need to set aside an entire day to hike from beach to beach. But if you prefer to focus on just one of the four, we'd recommend Ham Tin Wan. Not only does the beach offer clear water and rugged mountain scenery, but there's more infrastructure here -- think a snack stall, bathrooms and water sport rentals.

Related content 21 of the world's most beautiful beachfront hotels Along the trek from Sai Wan beach to Ham Tin, you'll come across Sheung Luk Stream, which branches into the woods. Follow this stream for about 15 minutes until you reach tiered waterfalls and a series of rock pools.

It's the perfect place for a quick swim, picnic or bout of cliff jumping at your own risk before continuing on to Ham Tin. Departing from Central, make your way to Sai Kung Village. From there, you can either take a kaito ferry or minibus No.

If hiking, the journey takes about 40 minutes to reach Sai Wan. But after a short hike, you'll be rewarded with exceptionally clean water and, quite possibly, a cove all to yourself. The facilities are pretty bare bones here -- there's a refreshment stand, some water sports vendors and bathrooms -- but the powdery sand is hard to beat.

After hitting the beach, visitors can wander up to Yung Shue Wan village for a leisurely lunch or sunset drinks. When you reach the hilltop pavilion, turn left and walk downhill until you reach Lo So Shing.

Turtle Cove It's nearly impossible to find a quiet plot of sand on Hong Kong island, but Turtle Cove might be the rare outlier. This oft deserted beach sits on the southern side of the island, just south of Tai Tam Reservoir.

You can't see it from above, as it's hidden at the bottom of some stairs.

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Related content The world's most beautiful island hotels Descending through the tree-fringed corridor, the beach finally comes into sight -- nothing but golden sands and mountain scenery in sight.

On site, there are a few government-run facilities, including lifeguards in season, barbecue pits, toilets and a refreshment kiosk. Part of a protected marine park, the boulder-hugged beach is home to an abundance of colorful marine life, including more than species of fish, 60 types of hard coral and labyrinthine mangrove forests.

Back on land, there's a scenic village that's home to traditional temples and a few observation points. At the village, you can stock up on snacks, drinks and snorkeling gear before diving in.

It's within walking distance to more popular Cheung Sha beaches, where you'll find popular beach bars such as BathersHoi Tin Tong Kwun Tong: Chinese herbal tea - See 21 traveler reviews, 13 candid photos, and great deals for Hong Kong, China, at TripAdvisor TripAdvisor reviews.

~ Mr. Ng Yiu Ming, the Founder of Hoi Tin Tong ~ Mr. Li CiHou, Head of Production Department ~ Mr. Tao Wai Leung, Managing Director of Vitargent. On 1 January embattled herbal chain Hoi Tin Tong released a TV commercial to restore its tarnish reputation after a string of scandals hit the company’s core product, herbal jelly.

Tin Hau. The Peak. Wan Chai. Ho Man Tin Hung Hom Kowloon Tong Kowloon West Olympic Tai Kok Tsui Tsim Sha Tsui N.T. & Others Hoi Sing Building consists of 2 blocks on either side of 2nd Street, at the Western end at the junction with Water Street.

Block 1 is at 2nd Street and was completed in and has 27 storeys and Hoi Tin Tong has established in It mainly provides fresh herbal products, especially Gui Ling Gow, for its target market.

It has over 80 chains retail stores in Asia market. The most effective turtle jelly is made from a good mix of turtle shell and herbs, rather than from a large quantity of turtle shell, says the founder of beleaguered herbal chain Hoi Tin Tong.

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